Our Story


Our story starts with our oldest son, Pete (Pj). We dove into the idea and rough waters of homeschooling head-first back in September 1997. We were pioneers. By November 1999, we migrated back to the Philippines, and Pj ended up going to University of St. La Salle from his 2nd to his 12th grade - and immediately excelled - considering he was a foreign student.

Fast-forward to 2013: our 2nd and 3rd sons, Sean and Ashton, started homeschooling at 6th and Kinder grades respectively - in Newport Beach, CA. Sean eventually went to Newport Harbor High School for his senior year, and graduated class of 2020. Ashton is currently a 7th grade homeschool student with Connections Academy. He was recently recognized as a "High Honor" student during Connections Academy's virtual Honor Roll Celebration.

Homeschooling: a mystery for a lot - a godsend for a few. We’ve been doing it for a while. We know the stick-points, how to overcome them, and how to successfully homeschool year after year. Because of today’s unique times, what was once laughed-at by some, suddenly became life-saving for a lot.

This is the “why” for HomeSchool-Teachers.com. We made it our mission to help parents like us navigate the dusty roads of homeschooling. Our seasoned teachers-turned-tutors will help navigate both you and your child through the waters of homeschooling. We did - and are still doing it. So can anybody - with the right tutor and mentor.

Our Story

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