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How We Help Our Students Succeed

Identify The Student’s Academic Challenges & Needs

This allows our teachers to pin-point with precision and work on any student’s core challenge - to provide the best support and guidance possible.

Assign Seasoned Licensed Teachers (Math, Science & English)

We assign teachers according to the student’s needs.

Build A Strong Foundation

Using the student’s materials/curriculum, teachers will work to build a strong foundation for every new step they take - to build confidence and mastery.

Interactive 1-On-1 Online Sessions

Students can ask questions, work on problems and get clarity in real-time.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Online Tutor For 3rd Graders

Our 3rd grade tutors use Zoom and Google Meet for all the sessions.

All of our tutors have teaching credentials with public school, private and homeschool teaching experience. We send our subscribers a teacher profile that covers their tutor’s education, work experience, and specialties.

We will work at a time that works for you. We will work around your schedule and availability. 

Your first 3 sessions are free. This is the best way to experience how we work and see why we are very effective. Our program is cost-effective and flexible. We pay attention to each student individually and ensure quality learning and understanding is happening every step of the way.

Yes. We provide one-on-one online tutoring sessions with licensed 3rd grade teachers.

Our tutors can help with 3rd grade Math, English, Reading, and Science. They can also help prepare students for any upcoming standardized testing.

Our plans are very budget-friendly - although they vary - depending on the plan you choose. Please click here to see our different plans.

What Parents Are Saying About Us:


It was wonderful, my child is shy and doesn't like talking but it was very interactive and fun, the teacher was very patient with him.”


"My daughter and I had a really pleasant experience with homeschool teachers. She is 4 years old so attention span is limited but she looks forward to interacting with her teachers because they make lecture fun and and easy to comprehend. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for that one on one setting where teachers will work at your child’s pace and customize the lesson to your child’s style of learning. Our teachers have great attitudes and give lots of encouragement which is important to build up a child’s confidence. My daughter gets so excited to talk about what she learned after each session."

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