Homeschooling In Arizona Just Got Easier - $7,200 For Every Student

August 07, 2023 3 min read

Homeschooling In Arizona Just Got Easier - $7,200 For Every Student

A Gift For Students From The Arizona Department Of Education

Superintendent of public instruction Tom Horne gives parents in Arizona, who are unsatisfied with public schools, the chance to have a choice. In his pitch during this summer’s advertising campaign, he tells parents that they can choose a private school and the state will help fund it.

Horne, a Republican striving for conservative values, won the election last year. He is at the helm of an endeavor called school vouchers, which aims to bring private school subsidiaries to all students in Arizona.

After the plan was approved by the Legislature last year, Arizona became the first ever state to give every student, no matter the financial background, the eligibility for a school voucher worth  $7,200 per student, per year.

The grant is deposited to the parents’ Education Savings Accounts and can be used to fund a student’s private schooling or homeschooling. For children who attended private school before, their voucher will be considered a new cost to the government.

The effort has been successful since its launch in September. Beginning with 12,000 students who used the voucher, it is projected that the numbers will increase to more than 59,000. By next summer, it is expected to increase to 100,000 enrollments.

The endeavor was fueled by the current parents’ rights movement and the pandemic. Other states will soon follow suit, with Utah, Iowa, Florida, and Arkansas establishing universal programs, and Ohio and Indiana expanding the current programs to more students.

Student vouchers have been exclusive to students who belong to low-income families, children with disabilities, and students enrolled in low-performing schools for the past decades. With more advocates, the move finally came to fruition. Every family will finally gain access to every kind of high-quality education.

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