How To Increase Your Grades In 10 Simple Steps

February 10, 2021 3 min read

How To Increase Your Grades

Most people believe that students need to work harder to increase their grades. While hard work is an important part of the process, it's not all of it. Truth is, if you want to increase your grades, you need to work smarter and practice consistent study habits.

Strong grades opens doors to all sorts of amazing opportunities. It’s the foundation of a bright future.

Here's 10 Steps To Increasing Your Grades:

1. Be Prepared

Practice time management. If there’s homework or an exam coming up, prepare ahead of time. Set a schedule for yourself. Don’t cram everything in one night. Procrastination leads to stress and anxiety. 

2. Be Organized 

Eliminate unnecessary clutter in your life. Something as simple as creating a to-do list can be a big game-changer. Take notes and create categories to avoid confusion. 

3. Create A Study Schedule

Studying will always be a priority in life even when you’ve long graduated. Part of continuous growth & progress is being able to study and learn new things. In order to be more streamlined, you need to create a daily study schedule and not just study when you feel like it. Having a set schedule creates discipline, proper time management, a sense of responsibility and most importantly, a positive habit.

4. Everything Takes Practice

No one becomes a master at something overnight. It always takes time, discipline and a lot of practice. Set realistic, specific and achievable goals for yourself. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. Start small and grow.

5. Learn From Your Mistakes

There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes as long as you learn from them. If you learn from your mistakes, you become wiser. You know what works and what doesn’t work.

6. Find Real-Life Examples Relating To Your Lesson

For example, if you’re studying the area & perimeter in Math, think of area as the floor of a room and the perimeter as the walls. It’s easier to understand and that way, you won’t get confused. Find a way for you to relate your current lesson to something applicable and used in daily living.

7. Eliminate All Distractions

When it’s study time, you need to focus. Put the phone down, turn off the tv and close all unnecessary tabs in your computer. 

8. Take Breaks

Various studies have proven that students are more productive and can retain more information if they take breaks. We all deserve it so take a breather every now and then. For every 1 hour of studying, take a 15-30 minute break. Going straight for more than 2 hours can and will lead to burnout. You will end up losing time instead of saving it.

9. Practice Self-Care

It is absolutely critical that we take care of our bodies. We can’t muscle through every task. We need to make sure: we get proper exercise, get enough sleep and get proper nutrition. Success can never be attained without a healthy mind & body.

10. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

It’s not fun feeling lost, especially in Math, wouldn’t you agree? You’re never alone. Don’t ever be afraid or hesitant to ask for help. It’s always nice to have someone to turn to who can help clarify the things you’re not 100% clear about. 

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